Hamster Garage Welcomes MangoRx, An Emerging Men's Health Brand

Emerging brand looks to scale affiliate program with Hamster Garage

Owen Guetschow

MangoRx Selects Hamster Garage for Affiliate Program Management

MangoRx is an emerging men’s health company, has selected Hamster Garage to launch their affiliate program. 

About MangoRx

Mangoceuticals was founded in 2021 to provide new products in the men’s health space. The company’s primary product is the MangoRx tablet, designed to combat erectile dysfunction. According to Mango Rx, a rise in erectile dysfunction amongst younger demographics was a condition leading to the product's creation. 

MangoRx is available in all 50 states. The pill combines several ingredients, including Tadalafil (an ingredient in Cialis), L-Arginine, and Oxytocin, to form their solution. The company hopes the pill will help combat the stigma around erectile dysfunction through innovative marketing campaigns. 

The company issued an IPO in March of 2023 on the Nasdaq, with the proceeds going towards marketing efforts and growing the company. 

Learn More About the MangoRx Affiliate Program

MangoRx will be focusing on driving new sales for their tablet products. The MangoRx Program is live on Impact Radius. Publishers interested in joining the program can learn more here. For any further questions, please reach out to the Hamster Garage MangoRx account team at mango@hamstergarage.com