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A friend? A blog? Your favorite influencer? That's Partnership Marketing.

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Partnership Marketing

Learn how partnership marketing includes affiliate marketing but goes way beyond it. Find out why we started Hamster Garage against the backdrop of a changing industry.
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Why Leading Brands Trust Us

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Making Sense of The Past

Affiliates vs. Partnership Marketing

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Understanding The Future

The Next Decade of Partnership Marketing

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Why brands trust us

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Leading Global Clients

By focusing on serving leading, risk-taking brands, we’re able to offer premium service to our clients. We don’t have a roster of 1000 clients – we work with the most innovative brands.

Partnership Pioneers

We work with brands that believe in the potential of the partnerships channel. This affords us the chance to continuously be testing new acquisition channels and refining our approach.

Veterans and Upstarts

Our team includes ex-strategy consultants and industry veterans. Our team brings talent that's typically absent in our corner of the industry. This allows us to grow based on our client's needs.
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Due Diligence
Before we signing anything, we invest significant resources in understanding your company.
After a thorough due diligence phase, we present a robust roadmap to grow your program.
Strategy in a Changing World



CPA Networks: What They Are and How to Work with Them

CPA Networks can be a strategic way to scale your partner program but require active management to avoid compliance issues and get the most optimized results. Below we share how our team thinks about managing CPA network relationships for top programs.
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Global Hospitality Brand: Real Estate Brand Partnerships

Learn about how we helped drive new hosts for the world's leading hospitality brand by partnering with leading real estate sites.
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How we Operate


We work with brands to manage industry-leading partnership programs. Beyond affiliates, our team manages channels like influencers, podcasts, and much more.
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Partner Program Management

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Full Scale Partnership Marketing

Channels Management

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