Hamster Garage Welcomes Hopper, A Leading Booking Platform for Flights, Hotels, Homes and Car Rentals

Challenger brands have always picked Hamster Garage.

Faique Moqeet
Founder and CEO

Hopper, a leading travel booking app, has selected Hamster Garage to scale their affiliate program. 

The company was founded in 2007 as a travel planning tool. Today, 16 years later, the business has become a one-stop-shop for travel bookings. At a $5B valuation, the company has raised over $700M from top investors, including Capital One.

The Hopper app uses predictive analytics to help users find the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. The company's differentiators include its ability to track prices over time, notify users when prices are at their lowest, and offer a Price Guarantee that allows users to get a refund if prices drop after they book. In addition to convenience and affordability, Hopper prioritizes fun as part of its mission. Users leave the app feeling as if they have had an enjoyable experience without hassle. 

In response to the new partnership, Hamster Garage founder and CEO Faique Moqeet said, "We're excited about supporting Hopper's efforts to build a world-class partner program. Hopper has all the ingredients of the type of brand we work best with best-in-class products, ambitious, and experimental." 

Hopper Affiliate Program

The affiliate program focuses on driving new flight bookings, hotel bookings, and car rentals – users can book all of these in a streamlined experience through their award-winning app. 

The Hopper Program is live on Commission Junction. Publishers interested in joining the program can learn more here. For any further questions, please contact the Hamster Garage Hopper account team at hopper@hamstergarage.com