Hamster Garage Welcomes Deep Sentinel, An Innovative Security Offering

Deep Sentinel, a cutting edge security product and service, has selected Hamster Garage to scale and manage their affiliate program.

Faique Moqeet
Founder and CEO

About Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is a home and business security service combining AI-powered cameras with live security guards. These cameras stream real-time footage to guards who quickly respond to potential threats, offering a proactive and effective crime prevention solution. The company raised $15M in 2023 from leading investors like Intel Capital.

Hamster Garage is thrilled to collaborate with Deep Sentinel, a brand that's offering a truly upscale and innovative security solution beyond the legacy players in the space. HG will help scale and manage Deep Sentinel's affiliate program, ensuring that the brand continues to grow through its partner program.

Learn More About the Deep Sentinel Affiliate Program

Deep Sentinel will continue to grow and scale its affiliate program, offering partners a unique opportunity to promote a brand that is reshaping the security industry. Publishers interested in joining the program can learn more here. For any further questions, please reach out to the Hamster Garage Deep Sentinel account team at DeepSentinel@hamstergarage.com.