Hamster Garage Welcomes Burrow, The Luxury Couch for Real Life

Burrow Chooses Hamster Garage to Elevate its Affiliate Program

Faique Moqeet
Founder and CEO

Burrow, a luxury furniture online retailer, has selected Hamster Garage to scale and manage their affiliate program. 

About Burrow

Offering award-winning sofas and sectionals, Burrow has redefined luxury furniture shopping with its customizable designs. Their commitment to solving the most significant challenges in the furniture industry has led to the creation of innovative, modular, and easy-to-move designs. Using only the finest materials, such as sustainably-forested wood, strengthened steel hardware, and top-grain Italian leather, Burrow ensures durability without compromising on aesthetics. The company’s accolades include recognition from GQ Home Awards and AD Cleverest Awards, speaking to their dedication to quality and design.

Hamster Garage is thrilled to collaborate with Burrow, a brand synonymous with luxury and innovation. HG will help scale and manage Burrow's affiliate program, ensuring that the brand continues to grow through its partner program. 

Learn More About the Burrow Affiliate Program

Burrow will continue to grow and scale its affiliate program, offering partners a unique opportunity to promote a brand that is reshaping the luxury furniture industry. Publishers interested in joining the program can learn more here. For any further questions, please reach out to the Hamster Garage Burrow account team at burrow@hamstergarage.com