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Public Terms
  • Primarily pays out on first trips. Terms vary by region/country.
Allowed Promotional Methods
  • Coupon/Deal
  • Loyalty/Rewards/Cashback
  • Content/Blog/Review
  • Network, App
  • Influencer
  • BNPL
  • Job Sites
  • Pre-Install

Audience segment
  • US/CA
  • Click
  • Sign Up
  • First Trip

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Uber Eats are Postmates the same?

No. While Uber Eats did acquire Postmates, these are currently two different affiliate programs. Please email for Uber Eats and for Postmates.

What if I have further questions about the program?

Feel free to contact [client name] if you have any additional questions; we will be happy to help you!

Is this program live?

Yes, this program is live as of now.