Managed Channels


A partnership program is only as good as the partners being approached to promote your brand. Effective recruitment depends on the lifecycle of your program. Early on, you want to onboard top affiliate networks and partners that can drive significant volume to your program. This allows the program to achieve quick ROI. Once these partners have been onboarded, our team shifts to partners that are harder to bring on board: this may include leading content publications, and eventually complementary brands.

Gap Analysis

When we onboard a new client, we conduct a systematic analysis to identify top performing partners that will work with their your brand. This means that from the onset, we have a highly curated list of hundreds of top partners that have performed for other similar top brands. This list of top partners alone can change the trajectory of how fast a partner program can pay dividends. Leveraging our team’s decades of experience to navigate the world of affiliate partners and best practices is likely positive ROI for the majority of brands.

Strong Relationships

While partnership automation has made strides, in comparison to search and social, affiliates and partnerships remain resource heavy channels. Our team has built strong relationships over the years with leading affiliate networks and content partners. This allows us to know who best to reach out to in the most efficient and streamlined manner to get your program up and running with top partners. Without our support, brands often struggle to identify which partners to work with and conversely, which partners to stay away from.

Built for World Class Brands

We are both insiders and outsiders when it comes to the world of partnership marketing. Our team's background includes significant experience not only managing top partnership programs but also working in Silicon Valley and leading Wall Street institutions. Our experiences at leading tech unicorns and major Wall Street institutions mean that we understand what's at stake for a brand in terms of who they allow to represent their brand. Our clients want to avoid most deals and coupon sites that may tarnish their brand. Instead, they rely on us to guide them on which brands will enhance and not destroy the brand they've worked so hard to build. Most importantly, because our vision for partner programs includes strategic brand-to-brand partnerships, our clients require an agency they can trust to represent them in front of other leading brands.

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