Managed Channels


Once a program begins to mature and has a sizable set of active partners, it becomes essential to optimize to maximize the value of your spend. With our gap analysis and streamlined recruiting, our team is able to bring aboard high yielding partners early on. Subsequently, once we start to have a meaningful volume of actions being driven by partners, we start dedicating our attention to optimizing these relationships. Because our clients are often large brands with multimillion-dollar programs, being sophisticated in ensuring we are maximizing each dollar spent is important.

The Pareto Principle in Partnership Management

It's tempting to think that after onboarding partners, the job is done. However, that is far from the truth. After a significant recruitment effort in the first phase of a program, monthly commissions being paid to partners rises significantly in response to growth. At this point, some key trends begin to emerge. Namely, the top 20% of partners are likely driving 80% of the program results. Optimizing this partnership subset to achieve even 20% more often adds even greater value than focusing on the bottom half or adding more partners.

Continuous Optimization

Our team talks with leading publishers and networks monthly and even weekly. This allows us to continuously review performance and discuss opportunities to optimize for higher ROI. Practically, this entails measures like identifying best and worst sub sources within a network and adjusting payments accordingly. We'll review creatives and provide feedback to help improve conversion rates. Likewise, given that top partners have shown their audience is a good fit, we may explore additional opportunities—newsletters, paid placements, podcasts, etc.—with these partners. 

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