Managed Channels


Creatives can be a powerful lever to help improve efficiency. Other marketing teams understand this, which is why they have design resources that support frequent creative refreshes. Within affiliates, too many brands get comfortable with an initial set of approved creatives without renewing on a consistent cadence. Providing affiliates with new creatives frequently allows partners to promote without fatiguing their audience. Yet even beyond this, our team works to ensure that only approved creatives are being used by partners.

Custom Imagery and Copy

Outside of creative refreshes, as programs grow and we explore additional opportunities, custom imagery and copy becomes more important. For many top partners, they will require assets in specific sizes. For instance, if we're facilitating a partnership between you and Samsung, creatives will need to comply with both organizations' brand guidelines. Moreover, if we're working on this partnership and seeing the creative is getting lower clicks than expected, we may need to adjust the copy mid-campaign. This flexibility of creative support allows programs to flourish.

Ensuring Creative Compliance

Whereas new creatives allow brands to keep conversion high and thus partners happy, the other end of the spectrum is creative compliance. You would never want a partner to modify your logo or use it in an unapproved way. Our team works to ensure this does not happen and if it does, it is immediately fixed. Creative compliance is more difficult for some channels compared to others; for instance, within email campaigns, it is vital to stay close to partners and monitor emails being sent to them. Fortunately, our team has extensive experience and streamlined processes in working with these issues.

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