Managed Channels


Compliance is incredibly important for us and our clients. This refers not only to identifying and stamping out fraud, but ensuring affiliates maintain our clients’ brand integrity. Our team is extremely strict towards ensuring full compliance with all guidelines. This includes not only creative guidelines but also monitoring promotional methods and placements. Likewise, we monitor for spikes in traffic and conversions that seem too good to be true. Ignoring fraud can lead to reduced program efficiency—or worse, programs that look efficient but are in fact sales that would have happened anyway.

Thoughtful Onboarding and Monitoring

For a channel that involves managing potentially thousands of partners, if brands are not careful, especially in screening partners, they may lose control of their program quickly. Subsequently, we always advocate for thorough vetting before accepting partners, approval of all content pieces, visibility into traffic sources, and clear guidelines on accepted channels. Sometimes clients are eager for growth and may allow all partners who apply to enter a program. However, we always recommend against this, as the floodgate of thousands of partners means you may lose visibility into where traffic is coming from and how they are promoting your brand.

Fraud Compliance

Fraud has always been a key concern in the affiliate world. When it comes to fraud, our team actively monitors spikes in traffic, reviews traffic sources, and reaches out to publishers if there's any uncertainty around their activities. Our team has handled sophisticated attempts at affiliate fraud from creating fake sites that look like the brand's site but are based on an affiliate link to users attempting to game high-payout loyalty partnerships. We bring these experiences as part of our tool kit to help monitor your program and ensure partners are accurately and fairly attributed. Programs that are not being managed actively are attractive targets for fraud.

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