CPA Networks: What They Are and How to Work with Them

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Benefits of using CPA networks

Both brands and publishers enjoy various benefits when using CPA networks.


  • Low risk: Brands are at low risk of wasting their marketing spend because they only pay after a target action has been performed.
  • KPI-focused: Additionally, brands can focus on specific KPIs related to their chosen target actions and more specifically hone their marketing strategy around real results.
  • Scale fast: CPA networks also allow brands to scale their business quickly and easily once setup with the network is completed.
  • High ROI: Because of the added trust inherent in referrals made by affiliates to their audiences, greater sales and traffic generally results from the investment made into affiliate marketing than other channels. Because of the low-risk payment model, CPA networks offer one of the best returns on investment for advertisers.  


  • More opportunities: Publishers will also benefit from CPA networks initially from the fact that they can typically access thousands of CPA-based offers from brands, making it easy to find opportunities to earn commissions in any niche.
  • Easier commissions: Making a sale can be a difficult task, but performing a certain action like securing a form submission may be easier to accomplish. This makes CPA much friendlier to publishers who may be able to earn commission more easily than if they relied on their followers to make purchases.
  • Simpler process + more support: Lastly, it’s generally simpler for publishers to take part in a CPA network than a traditional affiliate network, as they often find the support of an affiliate manager who helps guide affiliates to the best offers.

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