Managed Channels

Content Publishers

Content partners cover the range of partners that create written content as a way to promote brands. These affiliates are able to authentically speak to their user base and convey the value of a product or service. This can include small blogs that might be focused on a specific category: for instance, someone chronicling their fitness journey, their side hustle, or their favorite skincare products. On the other side of the spectrum, large media powerhouses like Buzzfeed, The Penny Hoarder, and Wirecutter also operate affiliate divisions. For the smaller content partners – the thousands of blogs that speak to whatever your brand is about – they represent the long tail of partners that may not be huge individually, but collectively can move the needle. However, these partners require  bandwidth to identify, educate, onboard, and activate.

Brand + Performance

Even though our work is focused on driving performance for our clients, there's a tremendous amount of brand value generated in the process. While we're not generally paying a partner to write content, they naturally have to explain and endorse a product to their audience. This content often exposes consumers to the brand for the first time. In these instances, the content publisher is contributing higher in the funnel than a deal or coupon site that is focused on last-click attribution. As a result, content partners create top of the funnel brand value despite being performance-driven as they are getting paid for conversions. For brands with offerings that are new to market and require educating consumers, content partners can be even more valuable as they normalize an offering.

Experts at Your Side

Because we are frequently in touch with leading publishers, we are aware of inclusion opportunities where we can promote our clients to editors. Yet beyond free inclusions, because content partners often expose consumers to brands for the first time – despite being compensated on a last-click conversion basis – many leading publications work on a sponsorship or hybrid model. This means that getting included in a leading publication like Buzzfeed requires a flat payment plus whatever the typical commission for a program might be. In these instances, our team negotiates to get special reduced rates or terms by leveraging our relationships. With these rates, we model out expected performance and efficiency to help our clients make spend decisions.

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