Managed Channels


Subnetworks, sometimes called CPA networks, are large partners who act as an intermediary between a brand and hundreds of sub-affiliates. Affiliates who are part of this subnetwork are able to access thousands of CPA-based offers for brands through the sub-network. You, as a brand, get access to tens of thousands of affiliates managed through one partner. For their service, the subnetwork takes a percentage of the commissions from their sub-affiliates. As an agency, we work closely with these networks to ensure optimal performance and compliance.

Managed Scale

Onboarding CPA networks partners can give brands scale quickly, but requires significant bandwidth to onboard these partners. Onboarding CPA network partners requires back and forth to establish program rules around allowed promotional types, rates and creatives. Beyond onboarding, our team watches performance by source level to ensure volume and conversion rates are as expected. Our team is in constant conversations with leading networks across our clients to identify new opportunities. Likewise. our strong relationships with the top networks allows us to quickly stamp out any fraud.

Ongoing Management

While the scale offered by CPA networks might seem enticing, there are a set of challenges that can make networks difficult partners for leading brands. Often times, networks require different payment schedules, higher commission rates, and a secrecy that can make brands slightly uncomfortable. The networks do not want to share their affiliates as the brand could - in theory - circumvent the network to approach affiliates directly. Our team works closely with the networks to ask for additional transparency, setting clear rules for what is and isn't allowed, and advocating for the lowest possible commissions while maximizing KPIs.

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